MP3 Lease

  • MP3 file
  • Sell up to 3000 units
  • Use for iTunes, mixtapes, streaming, etc.
  • maintains full ownership of the instrumental
  • Must credit the titled producer

WAV Lease

  • High quality WAV file
  • Sell up to 5000 units
  • Use for iTunes, mixtapes, streaming, etc.
  • maintains full ownership of the instrumental
  • Must credit the titled producer

Premium WAV Lease

  • High quality WAV file
  • Sell up to 10,000 units
  • Use for iTunes, mixtapes, streaming, etc.
  • maintains full ownership of the instrumental
  • Must credit the titled producer

Exclusive Rights

  • High quality WAV track-outs
  • Sell UNLIMITED units
  • Use for UNLIMITED for-profit projects
  • You obtain ownership of the instrumental
  • The instrumental will no longer be available for sale or lease




Joel Joseph
Joel Joseph
Joel “JJ” Joseph is a Producer, Musician, Engineer, and Songwriter on the rise. Touring the world with artists such as Nelly Furtado, Jully Black, Natasha Bedingfield, Saukrates, just to name a few, has given “JJ” a unique sound that rivals few. Blending musical elements from multiple genres with world class musical influences, makes JJ’s compositions the must have sound for your next studio session.
Have you heard the name “Batista”? Of course, this is Daniel Batista, Toronto native Producer, Songwriter, and Vocalist. At nineteen he started mentoring under Toronto’s “Megaman” and “PushaBoy”, after which he pursued production full time and has since been making a name for himself on the music scene. Batista has produced for Sony Entertainment artists “Jaqe” and “Leslie Tay”, Chicago artist “Mos Hiii”, and RCA artist “Sean Carter Green”. Toronto artists “Savannah Ré” and “Pyrex” who’s first single produced by Batista aired on Drake’s “OVO Sound Radio” Episode 24 on Apple Music.
Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones
Composer, Sound Engineer, Recording Artist, DJ, and Songwriter, Spencer LeRay Armstrong aka “Spencer Jones” & “THYME” has over 15 years of experience in the music industry. He graduated from the Music Industry Arts program at Fanshawe College and studied under the highly respected conductor and music educator Zimfira Poloz. Spencer’s talent and vast industry experience has given him the competitive edge when it comes to quality compositions.
PunisherSOUND is a recording artist, engineer, and producer based out of Toronto. The inspiration for his unique blend of sound comes from genres as diverse as Hip-Hop, Trap, Reggae and Electro. His work echoes the talents predecessors that have influenced him, such as Dr. Dre, Kanye West, Timbaland, and Swizzbeats, just to name a few. The strength of PunisherSOUND’s vision is in the way the energy of his sound combines with his thought-provoking lyricism, bridging the gaps between the warmth of the golden age and the impact of modern production aesthetics.




1. Click +ADD next to the beat(s) or instrumentals you wish to order.
2. Select the of type license you require.
3. When you are ready to order, click Buy Now in the top right to redirect to PayPal. You can pay by credit card if you don’t have or wish to create a PayPal account.
4. After payment you will receive the Download links to your beat(s) at the email address used on the PayPal website. Please check your junk mail.
We accept PayPal, debit, and all major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express) via PayPal. All transactions are processed through the secure PayPal website, no financial information is shared with us. If you do not have a PayPal account and do not wish to create one, you can still make a purchase by clicking on “Pay with a debit or credit card” once you are on the PayPal website.
Each purchase includes the beat or instrumental files in high quality MP3 or WAV format. You will receive the files electronically via a download link sent to the same email you used during your purchase on PayPal. A contract stating your ownership rights will also be sent to you. If you purchase an Exclusive Rights license with track-outs, you will receive the beat or instrumental in separated WAV audio files. Individual tracks, containing the different elements of the song, will be separated for the possibility of future customization and editing. Please allow up to 24 hrs for track-outs to be sent.
Yes, all audio copyright tags will be removed. The producer signature will remain for all purchases of non-exclusive licenses. If an Exclusive Rights purchase is made, you can choose to remove the producer signature, provided the appropriate credit is given.
Yes, a non-exclusive license can be used for one profitable project (an album, a mixtape, a commercial etc.) with a limited number of sales, as per the lease agreement. It can also be used for an unlimited number of live shows or performances. An Exclusive Rights purchase gives you unlimited projects, with unlimited sales, in which the beat or instrumental is used.
No, all licenses are 100% royalty free.
If two people purchase the same beat, each of them can still copyright their own song. The copyright for the song that you make with that beat, your lyrics combined with that beat, belongs to you. You can sell, distribute, perform, and broadcast (TV, radio, Internet) that song, keeping all of the royalties. However, the copyright for the beat or instrumental alone still belongs to
No, only after an Exclusive Rights license is purchase will a beat or instrumental no longer be available for sale or download. However, it will remain on the website and be listed as “SOLD.” When a non-exclusive lease is purchased, the beat or instrumental will remain on the website and can still be purchased by others.
No, once an Exclusive Rights license to a beat or instrumental has been sold, the beat will no longer be available for sale. However, it is possible that a beat has already been leased to several people before before being sold exclusively.
Yes, provided you follow the terms of the license agreement.
Track-outs are the individual instrument layers or “tracks” of the beat composition. Every track, such as kick, snare, piano, synth, or bass, will be provided in a separate high-quality WAV audio file. This way you will have more control over the editing, mixing, and mastering of your song. For example you can adjust the gain on the bass without affecting the low end of the synths or you can mold the cymbals around the vocals without affecting the punch of the snare. Tracks are compatible with all major recording devices and digital audio workstations (DAWs), such as Pro Tools, Logic, FL Studio, and Cubase.
Yes, you can have an experienced engineer record your vocals in our professional recording studio. We are MH Studios Inc., located at 2777 Steeles Ave. West, Unit 213, Toronto, Ontario. Visit us at
Yes, we provide professional editing, mixing, and mastering services. To find out more about in studio services, visit us at
Yes, we can absolutely do that for you! Let us know the type of beat or instrumental you are looking for, provide us with reference material, and give us an idea of your budget. Our experienced producers can create what your heart desires. To find out more, visit us at